Lashbrook Damascus Steel Band with Coccobollo Wood Inlay

Lashbrook Damascus Steel Band with Coccobollo Wood Inlay


Beifeld Jewelers is now a proud retailer of Lashbrook Designs! This piece is a Damascus Steel 9.0mm Domed Band with a 4mm Mexican Coccobollo Wood Inlay. Size 9.

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The Story Behind the Ring

Lashbrook uses only ethically sourced Hardwood for our wood rings. These wood species represent 12 of the most beautiful, rare and exotic hardwoods available in the world. The wood comes from a variety of countries of origin representing nearly every major region of the world. 
Spalted varieties of wood are extremely rare. Spalted wood occurs naturally when a tree dies and falls, and fungus begins to enter the heart of the wood through its natural grain. As this occurs it blackens the wood along grain boundaries. If harvested at just the right time, the salting can be seen throughout the wood before the natural deterioration becomes too great to render the wood unusable. 
Burl wood also occurs naturally as an abnormal growth on a tree. This rare occurrence appears as a rounded, deformed outgrowth with deformed grain creating small knots and dormant buds. These pieces of tree have uncommon character and beautiful patterns making them highly sought after because of this incredible appearance and rarity. You can see examples including: Box Elder, Thuya, Maple Burl, etc. 

General Information

Hardwood is available as an inlay in any metal, either contemporary or precious. These inlays are protected from water and wear by a resin layer which seals the wood and gives it a high gloss finish.

Wear and Care

The resin layer over the wood seals it from moisture. However, it is recommended to avoid prolonged exposure to water and to chemicals. Beifeld Jewelers recommends that these rings be worn with care and be removed during harsh activities or in environments that would be potentially damaging to the wood inlay. 
The resin also protects the wood from scratching and other damage and can in many cases be repolished to return the ring to its original beauty. Lashbrook will factory refurbish these rings anytime for free. They similarly guarantee the inlay for life in the case of cracking or breakage.