Lashbrook Damascus Steel Band

Lashbrook Damascus Steel Band


Beifeld Jewelers is now a proud retailer of Lashbrook Designs! This piece is a Damascus Steel 7mm Domed Band finished in an Acid Patina. Size 10. 

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Wear and Care

All Lashbrook's Damascus rings are made with stainless steel. Nearly all steels contain nickel, and are not a good choice for those with nickel allergies. The processing of steel to make our Damascus leaves the metal approximately twice the hardness of titanium and Cobalt Chrome. Despite its hardness, Damascus rings will scuff and show wear. However, the pattern and texture of the Damascus hides the scratches much better than a normal ring, making Damascus one of the best wearing metals Lashbrook offers. 
Bead blast finish shows wear faster than others. Acid finish will lighten over time and resemble more of a dull polish. Any of the finishes can be factory refurbished at any time to return them to a like-new state. 
Customers should avoid salt water and harsh chemicals. Exposure to these strong oxidizing agents can make the ring more susceptible to rusting. Under normal conditions, Damascus Steel rings wear very well and do not have problems with rusting. While you can clean these rings by ultrasonic, steam or jewelry cleaner, all touch ups or refurbishing should be sent back to the Lashbrook manufacturing facility.